Upcoming Tours 2022-23

At the Chichibu Distillery in Saitama

As of April 2022, the Japanese government is still not allowing regular tourists into Japan, so Japan Whisky Tours is not yet able to offer our regular tours to overseas visitors.

That said, we intend to hold a 7-day tour in early August for current residents of Japan. We will likely visit Chichibu, Mars Shinshu, and Miyagikyo. In addition to bars in Tokyo, we’ll visit legendary bars in other cities and towns. (More details will follow shortly.)

Further, every weekend we continue to offer visits to gems of bars in obscure locations in the Tokyo region.

After the Japanese authorities end all restrictions on inbound tourists, we will power forward with a wide range of tours. We firmly expect to offer tours throughout the Winter and Spring. In particular we expect to start tours in January 2023, with a full range of spectacular sojourns!

They will be superb opportunities to experience the wonders of Japan.  For first-time visitors, we will offer comprehensive tours with a focus on the most famous places, and will be based in Tokyo and Osaka.

For our wonderful returning customers, we will go to even more obscure bars in under-the-radar locations throughout the length and breadth of Japan, as well as recently opened distilleries.

For more details, please contact us now through our Facebook page.

2022 Chichibu Whisky Matsuri Bottles, for your delectation