Japan Whisky Tours Summer 2020 Review

As the Covid-19 emergency restrictions were lifted in early June, Japan Whisky Tours ramped up again, with visits to Chichibu and Mars Distilleries, as well as special whisky-tasting trips to and Kagawa, Okayama and Mie prefectures.

Let’s start with our recent trip to Chichibu.

No trip to Chichibu is complete without a pic of the glorious pot stills
The mizunara fermentation tanks
Who doesn’t love a pagoda?
Wanna go for a drive?
Kawasaki and Chichibu whisky samples
A closer view of Kawasaki whisky sample bottles
Wonderful Chichibu staff
Drinking a cask sample (cask number 2124, a 2nd fill bourbon barrel)
We can look forward to Malt Dream Cask 219 soon, closely related to the legendary cask 212. Also a younger cask, #5114.
Another old cask, number 423
And another Malt Dream Cask, number 1060. Can’t wait!
The award-winning Limited Edition Ichiro’s Malt and Grain (containing Hanyu, Kawasaki and a little Chichibu). The label is dark green but looks black in some light.
Marriage tanks for the Leaf Series
Marriage tank for the recently released Malt and Grain 505
Pallets of Malt and Grain, about to be shipped out
Light relief: Kumamon enjoys a glass of Chichibu

Contact us for details of upcoming whisky tours: info@japanwhiskytours.com


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