Upcoming Tours


Our next major tour will be in August 2019. Join us as we tour the length and breadth of Japan, exploring Chichibu, Hakushu, Miyagikyo, Yamazaki, Mars Shinshu, Akashi, Nagahama and Yoichi.

Every night we will explore legendary whisky bars as we criss-cross the country, from South Park and Kage in Tokyo, to Main Malt in Kobe to Kitchen in Fukuoka, not to mention under-the-radar bars off the beaten track.

Additionally, we hold short bespoke tours throughout the year. Here’s a recommendation of the most recent short tour:

Just starting “re-entry” after getting back to the US last night and wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks.  We recounted our whole 11 day trip many times and our time with you was consistently a highlight.  I think that night in Matsumoto was the best experience we had – so magical and absolutely not something we could have done without a guide – but even if we could, your company made it much more enjoyable!  

Contact our Tokyo-based staff now through our Facebook page.



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