November 2018 Japan Whisky Tour


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18th November (Sunday) Arrive in Tokyo. Welcome dinner and drinks.

19th November (Monday) Tour of Ichiro’s Malt Distillery in Chichibu,, followed by visit to famous whisky bar(s).

20th November (Tuesday) Bullet train to Kyoto. Afternoon: tour of Yamazaki Distillery near Kyoto. Evening: Traditional Kyoto meal, followed by whisky bar(s).

21st November (Wednesday) Visit Akashi Eigashima Distillery. Train to Matsumoto, where we will visit outstanding whisky bars.

22nd November (Thursday) Train/taxi to Hakushu Distillery for tour and tasting. Evening in Kiyosato and/or Matsumoto whisky bars.

23rd November (Friday) Return to Tokyo. Daytime sightseeing. Evening: traditional dinner and whisky bar(s).

24th November (Saturday) Visit the Tokyo Whisky Festival (day one of two). We will make an early start so that we can line up (queue) for the right to buy exclusive bottle(s).

25th November (Sunday) Optional trip to the Tokyo Whisky Festival (day two of two).

26th November (Monday) Bullet train to Sendai to visit the Miyagikyo Distillery, followed by dinner and whisky bar(s) in Sendai.

There is a possibility to extend for a special excursion to Sapporo and Yoichi from 27th to 29th November.

For further details, contact us through our Facebook page.




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