Tokyo International Bar Show 2017

Suntory TIBS 17 Exclusives
Suntory specials for TIBS 2017

TIBS 2017 at Tokyo Dome Prism Hall showcased a wide variety of whiskies, spirits, sherries and beers for the public to enjoy.

Suntory brought an impressive set of whiskies that we can only hope will be released. Don’t hold your breath though.

Ichiro’s Malt offered sample of three single casks, including an IPA cask finished whisky. They’ll probably offer a similar cask as their bottle at Fukuoka Whisky Talk 2017 next month (June 2017).


Kirin brought along its single cask offerings, in addition to its newly available Signature Blend (priced at 5,400 yen inc tax, 700 ml bottle).

I particularly enjoyed a port pipe release from the always innovative Kavalan.

Kavalan Line-up

For Jerez enthusiasts, Lustau brought a comprehensive set of sherries.

Lustau TIBS 2017

Among the highlights was a maiko-san show to promote Number One Drinks’ Kinobi gin.

The exclusive bottles were available to those who lined up in the morning for the right to buy a bottle. As last year, there was a bottle each from Ichiro’s Malt, Mars and Number One Drinks Karuizawa, and for the first time, Akashi Eigashima.


Next up: Osaka Whisky Show on Sunday June 4th, followed by Fukuoka Whisky Talk on Sunday June 18th.

Email me at for more info. To your health!


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