Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Distillery Visit

The Ichiro’s Malt team at Venture Whisky Company gives amazing access to their distillery, even stating there are no secrets to their whisky-making. The tour, hosted by Yumi Yoshikawa, is fantastic, with access to much of the facility, even a grove of mizunara (Japanese oak) trees they are growing.

The original painting of The Joker, familiar to aficionados of the Hanyu Card Series

The distillery is small but perfectly formed, with much of the production in one large room.

The distillery is compact and efficient
Immaculate pot stills
Maturing Wine Wood Reserve in a fine example of French coopering


Ichiro’s Malt uses a range of casks including ex-bourbon from Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey. Plenty of inventory, ready to be sent to distributors and liquor stores, where they will probably sell out within a couple of days.

In the tasting room, even new-make is available
The Venture Whisky Company’s library of spirits
The Leaf Series of Ichiro’s Malt, including Malt & Grain, Double Distilleries, Mizunara Wood Reserve, and Wine Wood Reserve retail in Japan in the 4,000 Yen ($40) to 7,000 Yen ($70) range, so please don’t pay silly prices at auction sites
Sadly these Card Series bottles were unavailable for tasting


  1. Hi,
    is there someone whom i can email to with regards to visiting the distillery. From what i’ve read, they don’t do tours.
    Making my way to japan soon, would be great if you could provide me with more info. Thanks!


  2. Hello there I am a distiller from Scotland who is on my honeymoon in Japan. I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have the email also so I can try arrange a wee visit.

    kind regards


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