Nikka Miyagikyo Visit


It’s always a pleasure to visit the Miyagikyo Distillery, which  is straightforward to get to. From Ueno or Tokyo station, take the Tohoku shinkansen (bullet train) to Sendai, and then take a local bus that will drop you at the entrance to the facility.

Miyagikyo, while not as picturesque as Nikka’s first distillery in Hokkaido, still has plenty to offer.

An educational lecture with info on Taketsuru Pure Malt, Super Nikka and Apple Brandy.

The grounds are immaculately kept.


I’d like a Nikka Whisky jacket and fishing hat but they aren’t for sale. I’d pass on the white gloves though.

Impressive industry and engineering.


Stupendous collection of vintage bottles.


This is what we came for.

Fantastic combo: highball and beef tongue jerky, a Sendai speciality


In the tasting room after the tour

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