Distillery Limited Edition Whiskies


Besides seeing the inner workings of the distilleries, a key benefit of visiting is the chance to buy distillery-only limited edition whiskies.

Here’s a rundown of what’s available.


While the days of buying single barrel 25 year-old bottles are long gone, there are still gems to be found at both Yoichi and Miyagikyo,

Now that Yoichi 20 and 15 are impossible to find — and even 12 and 10 are hard to get hold of — your best chance of an older Yoichi is the 2000s, which is sold in 500 ml or 180 ml bottles. Further, there are three special no-age blends: Peaty & Salty, Sherry & Sweet, and Woody & Vanillic.

A range of Nikka whiskies available only at Yoichi or Miyagikyo

At Miyagikyo, you can also buy a 2000s bottling, along with three others: Sherry & Sweet, Fruity & Rich, and Malty & Soft. Again, all of these are available on 180 ml or 500 ml sizes. There’s also an MO (Miyagikyo Original).

Finally, at both distilleries, you can get your hands on a superb barrel strength grain whisky, The Single Coffey Grain Woody and Mellow, bottled at 55%.

Outstanding Nikka distillery limited Woody and Mellow


Sadly, it’s slim pickings at both Yamazaki and Hakushu: the only aged version available is Hakushu 12, but that’s relatively easy to find in most cities worldwide. As for the classic Hibiki blend, the 17 and 30 are hard to find but there may be bottles of Hibiki 21, limited to one per customer. Overall, your best bet for something different is a 300ml distillery limited bottle.

Yamazaki Distillery-only Bottle


Kirin 25 Year Small Batch Single Grain

At the Fuji-Gotemba Distillery, you can readily buy the Blender’s Choice bottles, Single Malt and Single Grain whiskies from the Chief Blender Jota Tanaka. If you’re in luck, you might be able to buy a bottle of Kirin 25 Year Small Batch Single Grain or Kirin 18 Year Malt, but they are not always in stock. Further, nonjatta.com has reported that there are two new releases, Distiller’s Select Single Malt and Single Grain (bottled at 48%). It’s definitely worth the trek to Gotemba.

Kirin Blender’s Choice Single Malt and Single Grain

Shinshu Mars

At Shinshu, the Mars Maltage 3 plus 25 is not available but the Mars Distillery Edition is

You’ll find a Mars Distillery Original Blended Whisky (43%), along with the company’s Ko-on Gin, Mars Hoken 16 year-old Brandy (58%), and the full range of Mars wines. On display, you’ll find some outstanding bottles, for example the award-winning 3 Plus 25, but you won’t be allowed to buy any.

Ichiro’s Malt

Unfortunately the Chichibu Distillery doesn’t have a license to sell liquor but in the tasting room, there are plenty of bottles to try.


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